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Prof Bino Paul

Pro Vice Chancellor Labour Market, Social Networks and Knowledge Activ... View Profile

Dr Sasmita Palo

Professor Diversity at workplace, Topics related to Organiza... View Profile

Dr Sreeram Sivaramakrishnan

Professor ... View Profile

Dr D.K. Srivastava

Professor Social Work... View Profile

Prof Zubin R. Mulla

Professor Leadership, Values, Indian Philosophy (Karma-Yoga,... View Profile

Dr Premalatha Packirisamy

Professor Talent Management, Gender in Management, Human Res... View Profile

Dr B. Venkatesh Kumar

Professor His research interests include political process a... View Profile

Dr Satyajit Majumdar

Professor Management... View Profile

Dr Samapti Guha

Professor Microfinance, Micro Entrepreneurship, Social Entre... View Profile

Dr Sarala Rao

Associate Professor Management... View Profile

Dr Gordhan K. Saini

Associate Professor Employer Branding, Social Marketing, Consumer Beha... View Profile

Dr Nandita Mondal

Assistant Professor Women Informal Labour, Women in Governance, Women ... View Profile

Dr Luthufi M

Assistant Professor HRM system, Prosocial Organisational Behaviour... View Profile

Dr Himanshu .

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Koel Nath

Assistant Professor Teaching and Research interests largely in the are... View Profile

Dr Johnson A Minz

Assistant Professor Employment Relations, Value chains, Firm behaviour... View Profile

Dr Aman Borkar

Assistant Professor Organisation Development, Change Management, Insti... View Profile

Dr Merin Jacob

Assistant Professor Creativity and innovation, constraint-driven creat... View Profile

Dr Rahul Suresh Sapkal

Assistant Professor Management... View Profile

Dr Raviraj Durwas

Assistant Professor Dr Reji's research interests are in the areas of V... View Profile

Dr Varsha Ayyar

Assistant Professor Caste, Gender, Labour, Social Protection, Social M... View Profile

Dr Archana Singh

Assistant Professor Social entrepreneurship, social value, social chan... View Profile