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Dr P.K. Shajahan

Professor Social Innovation and People Centred Development, ... View Profile

Dr Mouleshri Vyas

Professor Poverty, migration, informal labour, Urban and rur... View Profile

Dr Vandana Gopikumar

Professor Mental Health and Marginality... View Profile

Dr Vijay Raghavan

Professor Primary research interests include access to justi... View Profile

Prof Swati Banerjee

Professor Social Work... View Profile

Dr Shubhada Maitra

Professor Social Work... View Profile

Prof Manish K. Jha

Professor Poverty, Social Policy and programmes; Human Right... View Profile

Dr Juvva Srilatha

Professor Home based rehabilitation for persons with mental ... View Profile

Dr Vibhuti N. Patel

Professor Economics... View Profile

Dr Sunil Damodaran Santha

Professor Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Liveliho... View Profile

Dr Lina Kashyap

Professor Social Work... View Profile

Dr Beck Helarius

Professor Social Impact Assesment... View Profile

Dr Bipin Jojo

Professor Tribal Issues- governance, land, forest, tribal po... View Profile

Dr Asha Banu Soletti

Professor Social Determinants of Health and Mental Health, A... View Profile

Dr Anjali Dave

Professor Social Work... View Profile

Dr Shewli Kumar

Associate Professor research and practice interests lie in the areas o... View Profile

Dr Alex Akhup

Associate Professor Evaluation and Monitoring of Grant-in-Aid to Volun... View Profile

Dr Sandhya Limaye

Associate Professor Social Work... View Profile

Dr Samta Pandya

Associate Professor Social Sciences... View Profile

Dr Lata Das

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale ... View Profile

Dr Sharon Menezes

Assistant Professor Procedural justice, Human trafficking, Commercial ... View Profile

Dr Rekha Mammen

Assistant Professor Social Work... View Profile

Dr Pekham Basu

Assistant Professor Mining; Occupational Health and Safety; Occupation... View Profile

Dr Smitha Sasidharan Nair

Assistant Professor Public Health, Gender, Centre for Social Medicine ... View Profile

Dr Sohini Sengupta

Assistant Professor Social Anthropology... View Profile

Dr Josephine Anthony

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr bodhi S R

Assistant Professor Decoloniality and Decolonial Methodology, Tribal a... View Profile

Dr Vaishali Kolhe

Assistant Professor Social Work... View Profile

Dr K.P. Asha Mukundan

Assistant Professor Free Legal Aid Services in Umerkhadi Observation... View Profile

Dr Brinelle D'Souza

Assistant Professor Social Work... View Profile

Dr Roshni Nair Shaikh

Assistant Professor Making Street Children Matter, Socio-Economic Prof... View Profile

Dr Madhura Nagchoudhuri

Assistant Professor Social Work in the area of disability, looking at ... View Profile

Dr Mohua Nigudkar

Assistant Professor child rights, child protection, child in conflict ... View Profile

Dr Trupti Jhaveri Panchal

Assistant Professor Social Work... View Profile

Dr Biswaranjan Tripura

Assistant Professor Tribal Development and Empowerment, Indigenous pol... View Profile

Dr Ketki Ranade

Assistant Professor Mental Health and health concerns of LGBTQ, specif... View Profile

Dr Devisha Sasidevan

Assistant Professor Knowledge Systems, Environment, and Livelihoods , ... View Profile

Dr Penelope Tong

Fieldwork Supervisor Social Work... View Profile